A guided inquiry process that will support you finding Clarity in any stage of your loving relationship, so that you can make the most of the connection with your partner.

Yep, I already know I want this!

I'm a big advocate for Clarity, in life and especially in Relationships!

Becoming clear about what I desire and what I have to offer in a relationship has literally changed my life!

Clarity has been a big piece of how my partner Michael and I got together in the first place (our story is just below), and it plays a fundamental role in our relating on a daily basis!


When you don't have Clarity in your Relationship:

  • words and behaviors can lead to misunderstandings, power struggles or even unconscious manipulation within the relationship
  • you easily play out of projections or past conditioning, that keep you small or in need of controlling
  • your communication, behavior and expectations are likely to hurt you and your partner, as they don't come from a space of Truth within

When you have Clarity in your Relationship:

  • you live in alignment with what is True to you, and what best serves the relationship
  • Your communication is clear and present, allowing your partner to understand your needs and desires
  • You know what you have to offer, you are more capable to honor your boundaries and share in abundance


In my years of traveling the world, living out of my backpack and experiencing all kind of things, I had many beautiful encounters with pretty amazing men, and very little clarity about what I wanted in my romantic life.

I was focused on my life on the road, I wanted my freedom, but I also wanted commitment… and my mixed messages were confusing to my lovers too!
The results brought me sadness, hurt, sometimes a sense of abandonment, misunderstandings and even heartbreaks.

When I met Michael, I had already done a lot of work on my self-worth and self-love, and I was definitely tired of adjusting my desires to whatever circumstances or to other people decisions…

We met in Bali, and we both got fascinated by the power of our instant connection! And yet, in our first deep conversation I said honestly to himI’m not interested in just casually being with a man now. In fact, I don’t want to be with a man, unless he is fully committed to me”.
He wasn’t ready, and we both let go.

Except that he was, a month later!
We met again on the other side of the world, and he said that I had been so clear, that I triggered in him the same question: “What do I really want?”
Despite his recent life experiences, he recognized that a committed relationship was his desire too.
He realized that with me he didn’t have an excuse anymore, not to be living his truth.
My clarity had revealed his clarity!
The rest is history – we have been living together since!

Since Michael and I got together, my life has changed in every way: I moved to his country, created a new solid base with him and found energy to create my business! Because I was clear in what I wanted!

Clarity is the base of our relationship nowadays.
As we both are committed to avoiding the power struggles and manipulations that can happen, often unconsciously, in long-term relationship, we made a commitment to clarity and honesty in our relating.

Is that easy? No, not always.
Is it worthy? Definitely!
I believe this is the main reason why we function so well together as a couple!

No matter where you are in your partnership, whether it just started or you have been together for 20 years, it is always valuable to have a clarity-check from time to time.

This process will inspire you in being honest with yourself about what you want in your life with your partner, which is the best way to start getting there!

I created for you a process consisting in:
- a dowloadable, fillable workbook with 18 meaningful questions, and
- a 70 minutes video in which I guide you step by step through them...
...supporting you in understanding the meaning of each question and the dynamics behind them.

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These questions are an inspiration for you to open up to a new level of honesty and understanding of yourself, your partner, and the relationship itself! 

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