As a woman in the modern world,
you know how hard it can be to take care of yourself and "always be open to the flow of love"! :)
It makes me smile, it sounds so "new-agey" or even impossible, right?

Reality shows that it's easy to slip into caring of others needs first, and secretly - or not so secretly - demand, beg and blame others for the love and appreciation you don't have!
I've been there, I know this so well... I know you don't like it, but it's so hard to change!

And if it wasn't depending on your partner, friends, family?
What if that love was always available to you, and you just had to find the door to access it?!


With this free 25 minutes guided practice, you will be...

✧ Activating sensations on your skin, connecting to yourself and inviting relaxation for deeper transformation...

✧ Honoring your whole body, bringing love to every part of it – especially to those parts that you have judged for most of your life!

✧ Practicing breathwork to get out of your head (hint, that works also during sex!) and feel more sensations in your body – particularly in your genitals.

✧ Opening to the experience that Love is everywhere, always available, and we simply have to open the door to receive it!

It's my gift to you!
I invite you to immerse in it, and let me know how it goes!  ❤

Door to Love

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