Let me tell you, these have been by far the tools that I have enjoyed the most, when it comes to Pleasure and Meditation!

Tachyon Tools are used in Tantra for Pleasure and Meditation, to support and enhance these experiences in a safe and sacred way.

The special characteristic of Tachyon Tools is that they allow a flow of "pure energy", that moves in one direction through the object and flows from the tool towards the person that is making use of it, bringing balance and healing.

In the case of sex toys for women, for example, once the tool is inserted in the yoni during pleasure practices, the energy will flow through the toy (such as a jade egg or a dildo) and through the yoni, to the entire body.

When this is combined with a conscious pleasure practice, that works on de-armouring or rewiring of the nervous system, the healing can happen on multiple levels at the same time, having wonderful effects on the body, emotions and general system of the person.

By enhancing the flow of energy, practicing with Tachyon Tools can as well facilitate the experience of full body energy orgasms, allowing you to enjoy a new level of pleasure and expansion, bringing the practice from a physical experience to a spiritual discovery.

Pleasure Tools used as sex toys are created in safe and resilient fused crystal, that is considered to be very safe to insert in the body, as it is non-porous and easy to clean (bacteria will not house in), as well as crack-resistant and expected to last a lifetime.
The materials used to create Tachyon products are researched and certified. If you want to know more about related research, I invite you to read all the information that you desire on the official Tachyon website (link below).

I personally love the products that support Meditation and Sexual Awakening, but if you are interested in more, there are also many other categories of products.


Sexual Awakening: yoni eggs, pleasure wands, ultra-spheres, anal plugs, different shapes of dildos...

Meditation devices and support

Professional Massage Tools

Professional Sacred Space Tools for groups and sessions

Tachyon Jewelry

Feminine Health products

Super Food and Supplements

...and more...

There is a lot to explore and experience!
Feel welcome to check-out the Tachyon website and see what suits you more.
The link is right here, and I have good news:

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See Tachyon Pleasure and Meditation Tools



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